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Jaro Ješe

About Jaro

Jaro Ješe graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, and then devoted himself to creation as a scenographer for opera performances. He is known for his exceptional sense of aesthetics and functionality of the show. For the Slovenian Chamber Music Theater, he created the scenography for the plays Kaznovana radovodnost (2014), Brundibar (2016), The Hobbit (2017), God's Fragment (2017), Ada (2017), The Man Who Had a Wife for a Hat (2018), Lord and pears (2018), The Wedding (2019) and The Snow Queen (2019). He also regularly collaborates with the Theatrum mundi association in Radovlji and with the Novo mesto Institute, where he created scenographies for the operas Pod svobodinim soncem (2016) and Deseti brat (2018).

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