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Sam Smerkolje Award 2019

Bozena Glavak

Oh God

Bozena Glavak was a regular member of SNG Opera and Ballet Ljubljana for more than 30 years: on September 1, 1952, she was employed as a member of the opera choir, and on October 1, 1955, as an opera soloist. She became the champion of the Ljubljana Opera, and she continued to sing on its stage even after her retirement on December 31, 1983. In her extraordinary, more than fifty-year professional artistic career, she recreated over ninety main and lead roles and around 30 secondary or minor operatic roles with around 2,600 performances. roles. She also performed in many oratorios and solos. She mastered the most demanding mezzo-soprano roles and impressed both audiences and critics with her penetrating and expressive voice of exceptional tonal range.

She also performed a lot abroad: all over the former Yugoslavia, in Italy, France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Russia and Ukraine. In May 1998, the first Croatian president, Franjo Tuđman, awarded Božena Glavak with the Order of Danica Hrvatska with the image of Marko Marulić for her services in the field of culture. In December 2000, the first Slovenian president, Milan Kučan, awarded her with the Medal of Freedom of the Republic of Slovenia for her life's work in the field of opera re-creation. In the justification for the high award, it was written, among other things, that Mrs. Glavakova is endowed with a "happy combination of singing, musical and acting qualities".


Bozena Glavak has permanently enriched the Slovenian opera and music treasury as well as the international opera scene with her superb artistic re-creations and her entire life's oeuvre. As she has been all her life, she still passionately loves opera and remains a loyal visitor to many musical and theater performances, and she enthusiastically passes on her rich experience to many young artistic colleagues.

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